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Our story

Hal and Donna Larsen parents to Neil Larsen bought The Keg in 1979. The Keg was on the corner of 10th and Bahson. We were able to seat 50 people at the tables and 10 people at the bar with a drive up window. The Keg only had 5 fryers at this time. Neil just out of high school would run The Keg at this location for the next 16 years. Averaging 15 cases of chicken a week. (1,500 pieces) At this time the keg served chicken and Chislic with sides of French Fries, coleslaw, and baked beans. Appetizers were Chislic, Mushrooms, Cheese Nuggets and Gizzards.

1995 is where John Cassidy came into the picture and Neil and John became partners in The Keg. The Keg moved to 26th and Sycamore into the west end o the strip mall. (Now known as Taco Time) The Keg had 7 fryers in this location and it could seat 79 people with a drive up window. Now being able to add chicken strips and potato wedges. Take out became 40% of The Keg sales. The Keg was averaging 50 cases of chicken in a week(5,000 pieces) 1997 Neil marries Vonnie

Then in 2000 The Keg out grew its present location and moved to the other end of the strip mall. Back then known as Big Fred's Pizza and now known as OT(Overtime) Now we are up to 19 fryers and averaging 110 cases of chicken in a week. (11,000 pieces) Adding to the menu, several different items like tantalizers, onion scoops, sweet potato fries, hot wings, BBQ ribs, brownie bites and brownie sundaes. Seating is now up to 180 people. The Keg lunch buffet starts here! The keg losses it's drive through and carry out becomes 50% of sales. Now is when The Keg catering takes off.

In 2005 a West side location was opened on 57th and Marion rd. This Keg has 24 fryers!! Averaging 110 cases of chicken a week (11,000 pieces) seating 180 people and carry out is now 50% of the sales. This Keg has 24 fryers! This is when we are told that The Keg has the biggest live of fryers in the United States in both locations. Hard times hit and the East side Keg closed its doors in 2010 Than in 2012 we closed the doors to the West side location.

Vonnie and Neil get hired at The Lakes Resort on Lake Madison SD and run the restaurant there for 2 years serving The Keg chicken. In 2015 finally The Keg has re-opened in Sioux Falls on West 12th St. The Keg now only has 10 fryers and seats 79 people. The menu has been cut way back because of the space. But our chicken is what we do and we do it the best! In the 1st 2 1/2 weeks of being open The Keg fried close to 27,000 pieces of chicken with only 10 fryers! We are back and we are feeling the love! Thank you Sioux Falls!!

The Keg fun facts: Keg chicken is marinated, wet batter dipped, put in the fryer one piece at a time, and pulled from the fryers and shaken one piece at a time. The coleslaw is Neil's mother Donna's recipe and The Keg has used it for over 30 years. The baked beans is Vonnie's recipe made from scratch. The Keg is also famous for its batter dipped gizzards. But not served between 5pm and 8pm for lack of fryer space. The Keg also serves some the best beef Chislic in the Sioux Falls, SD area. The Keg is one of the oldest running restaurants in Sioux Falls, SD From 10th and Bahnson to West 12th street The Keg has fried close to 14 million pieces of chicken in 35 years, one piece at a time.